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Copyright and usage information for photographs, text, and other material on the Nine Degrees Below website

Standard attribution practices theoretically govern the dissemination of ideas by means of copyrighted articles posted to the world wide web, pretty much the same as are applied to articles appearing in print mediums (magazines, newspapers, journals, etc).

Unfortunately, copyright trolls and SEO backlink schemes have given rise to an incredible number of lawsuits targeting people who quote from or link to articles posted to the world wide web. Sadly, these lawsuits have had a chilling effect on the sharing of ideas and information on the internet. So here are explicit permissions regarding the use of content posted on the Nine Degrees Below website:

If your purpose is sharing information related to photography, free/libre software, color management, color science, image editing, and related topics, then links to my website and articles are very welcome, as are properly attributed/backlinked critiques, discussions, and "fair use" quotations.

If you are not sure whether the preceeding paragraph covers your intended usage or if you wish to request relicensed material, please send an email to ellestone (at) ninedegreesbelow (dot) com.

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