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Pictures from July 2016 through November 2017


Empty bottles and glasses

The champagne was good and the composition of the image is pleasing (imho). But the glass surfaces show too much sheen and too many random reflections. Also I'm still trying to figure out how to add light to the front of the bottle "in camera" instead of "in post".

Glass shadows

The somewhat jittery edges to the shadows are because the light source was an LED spot with several individual LED bulbs. I'm not sure how to make this light source diffused across the bulbs without also spreading the light too much to make shadows.

Night shadows
Late evening sky with moon and trees
Railroad tracks at night

The stars in the image were taken from a Stellarium screenshot of the night sky on the date of and near the location where the photograph was taken. There were no stars in the sky when I took the photograph. In fact it wasn't even night, but rather late afternoon on a sunny day.

The image was processed using high bit depth GIMP 2.9, using the darktable plug-in to make a scene-referred rendition of the raw file, the LCH color tools to pick and modify colors, and the LCH Lightness blend mode to merge the modified tonality with the modified colors.'s Mesopic changes in color appearance was very helpful for figuring out Hue and Chroma modifications for turning "day into night/sunlight into moonlight". FWIW, modifying the tonality turned out to be a lot more difficult than modifying the colors.

Black and white

Candle flame
Tulips in a bud vase
Ruston's Diner