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Pictures in Progress

Updated July 2018.

This page has recent pictures. For previous pictures, see the Galleries page.

Sidelit wall and armchair September 2018.
Last year's late summer locust leaves, processed in June 2018.
Last year's late summer locust leaves in color.
Garden ornament, November 2017.
Evening sky looking northeast, June 2018.
Evening sky, May 2018.
Roadside patch of Japanese knotweed with everlasting pea (the plant with the pink flowers) climbing over it, July 2018.

Photographed in Central New York, neither plant is native to North America: Japanese knotweed is native to East Asia; everlasting pea is native to Europe. Near the top and bottom edges of the image Virginia Creeper — which actually is native to North America — is trying without much success to maintain a foothold. If you see Japanese knotweed growing on or near your property, be afraid . . . be very afraid.